Tudors and Stuarts History Weekend 2019

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13th - 14th April 2019

The momentous changes that took place in Western Europe during the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries are to a large extent mirrored in the history of the British Isles under the Tudors and Stuart monarchs.

These challenging times regarding matters of religion, nationhood and social conditions brought conflict between individuals, families, communities and countries. Yet the period was also marked by feelings of optimism, of a thirst for new knowledge and new approaches to politics, medicine, and the natural world. Artists, too, were pushing back the boundaries and the fruits of such endeavours reached further down into society than ever before.

To reflect the excitement of the ‘Tudors and Stuarts’, the four themes selected to cover the diverse range of talks on offer are: Kings and Queens; War and Politics; The Church; and Social History. Nor are the events timetabled within the Weekend confined to lectures because there are four guided tours. There are two opportunities to see a special exhibition created for the Weekend at Canterbury Cathedral Library, where those booked will be guided by the Cathedral Librarian. The other two guided tours will be led by Paul Bennett, a leading authority on the history of Canterbury.

Event themes

Kings and Queens

Royalty continued to mean power and authority, but even though this was tested to breaking point the monarchy rose phoenix-like from the grave. Yet high politics and family quarrels often became entwined as kings, queens and their offspring sought to establish their influence at court and in the country at large.

Social History

For ordinary people these centuries brought considerable challenges but also frequently great opportunities, and these exciting times witnessed new discoveries in the natural world and in medicine, as well as the persecution of witches. Books were seen as bringing knowledge, and artists expanded the horizons of painting, sculpture and other art forms to a growing audience of mercantile and other patrons.

The Church

Under the Tudors and Stuarts religion and the ways people worshipped were transformed as the Reformation brought sweeping changes to the Church. Among these changes were the establishment of the Anglican Church and the growth of non-conformity, whose followers, like the remaining Roman Catholics, often faced persecution. Yet amongst this turmoil there was a vibrancy and religion remained central to the lives of many.

War and Politics

These were exciting times as nations vied with each other, and the balance of power shifted frequently and considerably over the period. Alliances were extremely important, as was the holding of territory, the loss of Calais in Mary Tudor’s reign a seminal moment in England’s long history of colonization in France.

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In the brochure you will find details of each of the events that took place over the weekend as well as biographical sketches of each speaker.


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